Segment 05 D
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  Segment 5 A
FF - crater Posidonius, Lava borders in Mare Tranquilitatis, The Apollo 17 region with its pyroclastic deposits and the lunar cones Isis and Osiris.
Segment 5 B
Gardner megaplateau, Domefield Cauchy west, Jansen and Carrel, Menelaus and Arago
Segment 5 C
Hyginus, Murchinson, Manilius and Yangel (Sinus Fidei)
Segment 5 D
Aristillus, Autolycus, Theaetetus, Rima Hadley (Apollo 15), Palus Putredinus, Valentine Dome

Moon age 7.1 - 7. days - Illumination 39 - 49 %

Valentine 1 + 2
Aristillus, Autolycus and Theaetetus

NEW 2016 Valentine, Aristillus, Autolycus
and Theaetetus
Moon age 8.5 days - Illumination 54 %

Valentine 1 + 2
Rima Hadley
Palus Putredinis
Aristillus, Autolycus and Theaetetus
Moon age 9.5 days - Illumination 65 %

Rima Hadley
Palus Putredinis
Valentine domes 1 and 2 - Moon age 7.1 days (39 %)

Valentine 1 and 2 Valentine are on the eastern side of the gap between the mountains Apennines and Caucasus. Both are extremely flat intrusive domes. Valentine 1 has a diameter of about 30 km at an height of 130 meters. Valentine 2 is significantly smaller and has a lower height. The domes remember at the domes Laplace 5 and 6 in the Sinus Iridium.

The name "Valentine" is inofficial and can not be found on any map of the Moon or lunar atlas. Both domes are difficult to observe because of their size and low height and the observation requires a very flat solar illumination.
LRO - Valentine domes 1 and 2

The image to the left shows the two domes in a LRO image with a resolution of 125 m/px. Here, a narrow rille is visible which crosses the dome in approximately east-west direction.

Such systems of rilles (probably fracture zones, caused by the upwarp of the area) are typical of large intrusive domes, see the Aristillus domes below.
Aristillus - Autolycus - Theaetetus - Moon age 7.5 days (44 %)

At a lunar age of about 7.5 days three large domes become visisble near the craters Autolycus (39 km), Theaetetus (25 km) and Aristillus (55 km). Autolycus is classified as effusive (no systems of rilles). Theaetetus and Aristillus are classified as intrusive (extended systems of rilles). Autolycus' diameter is about 28 kilometers and it only reaches a height of 75 meters.

Aristillus has a size 58 kilometers and is one of the largest intrusive domes. It is with 85 meters only marginally higher than the Autolycus dome. Theaetetus is a complex structure (see LRO image below) and is similar in structure to the amazingly dome Yerkes 1 in Mare Crisium.
Valentine domes 1 and 2 - Moon age 7.5 days (44 %)

The Valentine domes under similar illumination.
Aristillus - Autolycus - Putredinis Moon age 7.7 days (46 %)

The large Valentine dome is getting invisible, the dome Aristillus and Autolycus are clearly visible.

On the top right side on the image there is the dome Palus Putredinus between the shadow of two mountains.
NEW 2016 Aristillus - Autolycus - Moon age 7.8 days (49 %)

The large domes Autolycus and Aristillus at a moon age of 7.8 days. The Valentine Dome is barely visible. The peaks of the Montes Caucasus cast spectacular shadows.

Moon age 8.5 days - Illumination 54 %
Aristillus - Theaetetus - Moon age 8.4 days (54 %)

The domes Aristillus and Theaetetus at a Moon age of 8.4 days.

The crater Cassini (57 km) resembles a crater form that can be often found on Mars and have the name "Rampart craters".
LRO - Theaetetus

High resolution LRO image of the Theaetetus dome with 125 m/px. Morphological it is similar to Yerkes 1 in Mare Crisium, see Segment 1. The upwarp and the system of rilles is clearly visible.
Rima Hadley - Putredinis and Beer - Moon age 8.4 days (54 %)

Rima Hadley is on of the best known and best explored sinousoidal rilles on the Moon. Besides the rille there is the landing site of Apollo 15. The rille has a lenght of 116 km. It arises from a caldera in the arched region to the southwest (in the shadow). The caldera is named Jomo, a male African first name. Hadley C, the crater in the middle of the rille has a diameter of 5.8 kilometers.

Further to the west the small effusive dome Putredinus 1 can be found. It has a summit caldera, a diameter of 7 kilomters and a height of 90 meters. Another effusive dome is visible south of the small crater Beer (10 km) on the right side of the image.
Valentine domes 1 and 2 - Moon age 8.4 days (53 %)

At this Moon age the Valentine domes are not detectable any more.
Aristillus - Autolycus - Theaetetus - Moon age 8.5 days (44 %)

The large domes Aristillus and Autolycus are also unvisible at this Moon age.
Rima Hadley - Putredinis - Moon age 8.5 days (55 %)

Rima Hadley, Putredinus 1 and Beer 1 at an illumination of 55%.
Moon age 9.5 days - Illumination 65 %
Rima Hadley - Putredinis - Beer - Moonage 9.5 days (65 %)

Now the sun is completely risen over Rima Hadley at this Moon age. The elongated caldera of the sinusoidal rillee becomes visible and is marked in our image. This lighting situation is also very good to observe craterlets in Archimedes (83 km) . In our image about 30 of these small craters are detectable.
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