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A wide-angle Milky Way mosaic of the constellation of Scorpio with the planets Mars and Saturn

Short objekt description

Our image shows a mosaic, consisting of 8 subfields, of the constellation Scorpio together with the two planets Mars and Saturn. The raw images for the mosaic were taken with an ALCCD 8L together with a Canon telephoto lens of 100mm focal length at f/2.8 in 2016.

The mosaic also shows in overview the large H-II regions NGC 6334, NGC 6357, IC 4628 and the colourful nebula landscape of the Antares region. High-resolution images of these are shown here.
NGC 6357 - the lobster nebula
NGC 6334 - the cat paw nebula
IC 4628 - the prawn nebula an the
complete Antares nebula region with its dark clouds

About the Greek mythology of the constellation Scorpio

Scorpio is one of the 48 classical constellations described by Ptolemy. Pre-Columbian cultures also saw a scorpion in the constellation. There are a number of different versions of the mythology of the scorpion - always in connection with the constellation Orion.

Orion boasted of being the greatest and most successful hunter of all time, and he wanted to kill all wild animals. This displeased both Hera, the mother of the gods, and Artemis, the goddess of the hunt, among others. In addition, Orion is said to have raped Merope, a daughter of the king of Chios - a Greek island.

Hera and Artemis joined forces and created a scorpion to kill Orion. Whether this succeeded or not also branches out into several versions in mythology. Sometimes it is killed, sometimes Orion crushes the scorpion before it could sting.

The fact is, however, that Zeus, the father of the gods, placed both Scorpio and Orion in the sky as constellations, far apart from each other, so that Scorpio cannot reach Orion. If the constellation Scorpio rises in the east, Orion sets in the west.

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