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The Antares nebula complex and 2 more peripheral regions
The main region of the Antares nebula complex above IC 4592, below Sh2-1
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Object description:

The three images above are image crops of a large mosaic of the Antares nebula region, taken with a 200 mm telescope lens.

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The main region

In the center of the image Antares with the yellowish reflection nebula vdB 107. Reflection nebulae are usually blue, because they scatter light of bright blue stars. Antares is an orange-red star, therefore vdB 107 shines in yellow color. Behind the nebula is the distant globular cluster NGC 6144. Below (south) of Antares is the emission nebula RCW 129, the bright blue star is tau Scorpio with spectralty B0 at a distance of about 500
light years. To the right (west) is the emission nebula region Sh2-9, designated in parts as LBN 1101/1105 and 1106. The bright blue star is sigma Scorpio, also called Alniyat. We show a higher resolution image of this region here.

North of Antares lies the small blue reflection nebula IC 4605, the exciting star of the reflection is 22 Scorpio with spectral type B3. From there - running to the east - lies the large dark cloud of Molcule Barnard 44. Further north of Antares lie the blue reflection nebula IC 4603 and above it IC 4604.

IC 4592
IC 4592 is the large blue reflection nebula and to the north it merges with the dark molecular cloud Barnard 40. The stimulating bright blue star is nu Scorpio, also called Jabbah. East of Barnard 40 is the molecular cloud Barnard 41. In front of the molecular cloud are the two reflection nebulae IC 4601 and vdB 101.

Sh2-1 und Sh2-7
Both are emission nebulae, with Sh2-1 mixing with the blue reflection nebulae LBN 1092 and LBN 1093. The star exciting the reflection nebula is phi Scorpio with spectral type B1.

We show the 7-part total mosaic, taken with a 200 mm telephoto lens, here. A higher resolution image of Antares and the globular clusters Messier 4 and NGC 6144 here and some information about the star Antares here.

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