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NGC 6193, NGC 6188 and the bipolar Wolf Rayet Nebula NGC 6164/65 - Star formation in the constellation Ara

Description of object:

Our image shows the central region of the ARA OB1 association, a large star-forming region in the constellation Altar (Ara), consisting of the young open star cluster NGC 6193 and the H-II region NGC 6188 (see also the labeled version of the image below). It also includes the bipolar Wolf-Rayet nebula NGC 6164/65, which is associated with the H-II region.
We have imaged this interesting region with different focal lengths. There you will also find detailed object descriptions.

A wide angle mosaic of this region, taken with 200 mm focal length, we show here.

A detailed view of the central region, taken with 2.000mm focal length, we show here.

The region, taken with 3nm narrowband filter and a focal length of 670mm, we show here

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