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Object description
NGC 6544 - a small globular cluster in the constellation Sagittarius

Object description:

NGC 6544 NGC 6544 is a relatively rarely shown globular cluster located less than 1 degree southeast of Messier 8. Its distance to the solar system is about 9500 lightyears and it is assigned to concentration class IX (weakly concentrated) according to Shapley/Sawyer.
In 1999 a millisecond pulsar was discovered in NGC 6544 in a binary star system (see also here). Seine Katalogbezeichnung lautet PSR J1807-2459. Zudem wurden einige Veränderliche Sterne entdeckt, darunter ein RR- Lyrae Stern mit einer Periode von 0,57 Tagen.

The globular cluster was discovered on May 22, 1784 by Friedrich Willhelm Herschel.

In our large mosaic of M8, M20 and IC 1274/75, NGC 6544 is found directly in the center of the image at the bottom.

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