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NGC 6334 and NGC 6357 - cat's paw and lobster - in a wide field mosaic

Object description:

Our wide-field mosaic shows in overview the two large H-II star-forming regions NGC 6334 (the Cat's Paw Nebula, in the lower right image) and NGC 6357 (the Lobster Nebula) in the constellation Scorpio. Both emission regions show almost exclusively red colors.

Our image impressively shows the large dark gas and dust cloud that lies between the solar system and the two nebulae, absorbing almost all green and blue light from the nebulae.
We captured these interesting nebula regions with different focal lengths. A mosaic exposed with 500 mm focal length is shown here.

Both nebular regions we also photographed separately with longer focal length, there you can find detailed object descriptions: NGC 6357 here and NGC 6334 her.

More images and descriptions can be found at ESO, for NGC 6334 here and for NGC 6357 here.

We can also show both H-II regions as narrowband images, the cat's paw (NGC 6334) (NGC 6334) here and the lobster (NGC 6357) here.

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