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A mosaic of NGC 6164/65, NGC 6188 and NGC 6193 in the constellation Ara

Object description:

Our image shows a 2 star mosaic of the ARA OB1 association. Starting on the left side of the image with the open star cluster NGC 6193 to the right side of the very faint H-II region GN About in the center of the image is the bipolar Wolf Rayet nebula NGC 6164/65.

The extremely young and hot stars of NGC 6191 and their intense UV radiation provide the energy for ionization, which stimulates the H-II region of NGC 6188 to glow. The whole region lies at a distance of 3800 to 4000 light-years from the solar system. The bright star Epsilon Norma, in the upper right of the image, is much closer to the solar system at a distance of 530 light-years. It is a physical double star system (distance 23 arc seconds), whose main component is spectroscopically double, so it is a triple star system. The three stars are very young, about 50 million years old.

We have imaged this interesting region with different focal lengths. There you will also find detailed object descriptions.
A wide angle mosaic of this region, taken with 200mm focal length, we show here.

A detailed view of the central region, taken with 2,000mm focal length, we show here.

The region taken with 3nm narrowband filter and a focal length of 670mm we show here

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