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NGC 6231 and IC 4628 in a 6 frame widefield - the SCO OB1 star association

Object description:

Our image shows a mosaic of the Scorpion OB1 stellar association between IC 4628 and the young open star cluster NGC 6231. This star cluster forms - with an apparent diameter of about 0.5 degrees - approximately the center of the SCO OB1 association. The complete region is a large area of active star formation and the clusters in this image are all only a few million years old. 2 large dense dark clouds, Barnard 48 and Sandqvist 19 form an interesting contrast to the H-alpha region of IC 4628. On the right side in the center of the image Dcld 343+2. 8 - with the popular name "the dark tower" - is a part of GUM 55. The head of the globule points towards the open star cluster NGC 6231. Numerous young and hot stars nearby ionize the front part of the molecular cloud and produce a red emission nebula edge. In addition to the emission region, five small reflection nebulae are visible in the globule.

We have imaged this interesting region with different focal lengths. There you will also find detailed object descriptions. The whole region in overview, taken with 85 mm focal length, we show here. And a higher resolution mosaic, taken with 200 mm focal length we show here. On these pages you will also find detailed object descriptions. This mosaic here was taken with the Pentax SDP 105 with the 0.8x reducer with a focal length of just under 500 mm.

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