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The Scorpio OB 1 association, together with NGC 6231 and IC 4628

Object description:

Our image shows the region around nebula IC 4628 (GUM 55) in the southern part of the constellation Scorpio. Besides many open star clusters and faint, reddish emission nebulae, this region in the Milky Way is dominated by a large number of dark clouds. In the upper right of the image a small part of the ARA OB 1 stellar association is still visible.
IC 4628 is a very large star forming region with a diameter of about 250 light years and belongs to the Sco OB1 association. This H-II region is only a part of a much larger, very faint, region whose center is the open star cluster NGC 6231. It is cataloged as BBW 31100 or GUM 55. The total apparent size of BBW 31100 is given as 6 x 6 degrees. The Sco OB1 association lies at a distance of about 6000 light years from the solar system. IC 4628 also bears the popular name of the Shrimp Nebula.

The H-II region IC 4628 was discovered by Edward Barnard, the American pioneer of astrophotography. More information about IC 4628 on the website at this URL.

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