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The nebula complex Sh2-9, part of the Antares nebula region

Object description:

The Antares region - probably the most colorful region of the sky - offers an impressive impression at different focal lengths. Here a subregion, west of Antares, the emission nebula Sh2-9, consisting of the subregions LBN 1101, 1105 and 1106. Left in the image foothills of the yellowish reflection nebulae around Antares.

The bright star in the center of the image is Alniyat (sigma Scorpio). It is a blue giant star of spectral class B1 and it is a periodic variable with low fluctuating amplitude. Alniyat is a classical representative of the ß-Cephei variable and probably the system consists of 4 stars. Its distance to the solar system is about 700 light years.

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