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Sh2- 29 and LBN 33 - Star formation in the constellation Sagittarius

Object Description:

Our image shows an H-II star forming region in the constellation Sagittarius, catalogued as Simeis 188 or also Sharpless 29 and LBN 33. It lies not far east of the Lagoon Nebula, Messier 8. The region contains the separate nebular parts NGC 6559 and IC 4685, 1274 and 1275 and shows all 3 manifestations of galactic nebulae: emission and reflection nebulae and dark clouds. The distance to the solar system is about 5500 light years.

We give a detailed description in our Wide Field View of this colourful region.

A description of the ESO of Sharpless 29 can be found here.

And a mosaic of the entire region from us, together with Messier 8 and Messier 20, we show here.

Everything about Stewart Sharpless and his complete catalogue can be found here

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