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Messier 20 – The Trifid Nebula

Description of object:

The Trifid Nebula is one of the interesting regions combining all three types of interstellar nebulae, red emission nebulae, blue reflection nebulae and dark nebulae. The nebula's name is based on the trisection of the red emission nebula because of the dark clouds in front of it. It is quite a pleasure to visually explore the nebula with a bigger instrument. By doing so, it becomes clear that the emission nebula is split into rather four than three parts. M 20 is about 5200 light years away from us and covers a region as big as the moon. This means the nebula's diameter is over 40 light years.

A high resolution image of the Trifi Nebula, taken with the 17" PlaneWave Astrograph, can be find here ...

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