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The "Gegenschein" near the galaxy NGC 6822

Short Object Description:

The Gegenschein is caused by backward scattering of sunlight on the dust in our solar system and is therefore located in the sky exactly opposite the sun. Due to the low density of the interplanetary dust, the faint glow of the opposition can only be observed with the naked eye under a very dark sky. A wide-angle image taken in 2013 shows the transition of the reflected light into the zodiacal light band..

The first idea for this image was to show the position of the small galaxy NGC 6822 (Barnard's Galaxy) in relation to the Milky Way. At the time of this picture, the Gegenschein was an unplanned addition to the picture. Barnard's Galaxy is the small nebulous spot in the middle of the image. A long focal length image of the galaxy was taken at Rooisand Observatory in 2015.. To the left of Barnard's galaxy the planetary nebula NGC 6818 appears like a very green star. The labeled version shows some objects, adjacent constellations and a size comparison with the moon.

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