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NGC 5139 (Omega Centauri), NGC 4945, NGC 4976 and many more galaxies

Object description:

NGC 4945is a Hubble-type SBc barred spiral galaxy in the constellation Centaurus. It is classified as an active Seyfert galaxy. With a diameter of about 140 000 light years NGC 4945 is much larger than our Milky Way. Together with some other galaxies NGC 4945 belongs to the Messier 83, NGC 5128 galaxy group (LGG 334).

The galaxy was discovered by James Dunlop April 29, 1826.

NGC 5139, Omega Centauri, is the brightest and largest globular cluster in our Milky Way. In the sky it covers almost twice the size of the full moon. Over a real diameter of 150 light-years, Omega Centauri contains about 10 million stars estimated to be 12 billion years old. Its distance from the solar system is about 26,000 light-years. NGC 5139 was discovered by Edmond Halley in 1677.

Deeply exposed images of NGC 5139, Omega Centauri, we show here and of NGC 4945 and other galaxies here.

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