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NGC 6781 - the "snowglobe" nebula, a planetary nebula in the constellation Aquila

Object description:

NGC 6781 is a weak planetary nebula in the constellation Eagle. It stands in a distance between 3000 to 5000 light years to our solar system. The central star - a white dwarf - has about 0.6 solar masses and an effective temperature of about 100,000 degrees Celsius. At this high temperature, the star emits much of its radiation in the ultraviolet spectral range, which makes the gas shells glow. The diameter of NGC 6781 is about 2 light years. The nebula was discovered on 30 July 1788 by Friedrich Wilhelm Herschel.

A detailed scientific study and description of NGC 6781 from 2017 can be found in this pdf-file can be found in this pdf-file.    A more detailed description of the term Planetary Nebula can be found in our picture of Messier 27 - the Dumbbell Nebula

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