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NGC 6441 and the small planetary PK 353.5-04.9

Short Object description:

The globular cluster NGC 6441 in the constellation Scorpius (the Scorpion) is about 38 000 light-years away from Earth. It's located in the so-called galactic bulge (part of the Milky Way around the galactic center) on the far side of our home galaxy "behind" the galactic center. The light of the cluster is clearly reddened due to the interstellar extinction (E (B-V) = 0.47 mag) and it appears to us in a yellowish tone. The star cluster forms an interesting pair together with the 3.2 mag star G Scorpii in between thousands of stars of our Milky Way. The small green nebula just northwest of G Scorpii is the planetary nebula PK 353.5-04.9.

G Scorpii is a orange K-giant star with a diameter 16 times of our sun. Distance to our solar system ist more or less about 126 light years.
Unfortunately the seeing and transparency was very bad in that night, so that NGC 6441 could only be partially resolved into single stars. For the comparison with the size of the Moon and the position of the planetary nebula please move the mouse over the image.    Click here or the thumbnail image a comparison with the size of the Moon.

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