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The globular cluster NGC 6441 in the constellation ARA

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NGC 6352 is a rather rarely photographed globular cluster in the constellation Ara, which was discovered by James Dunlop on May 14, 1826. Like Messier 55, it belongs to the concentration class XI and can the cluster's centre can be easily resolved. At 18,000 lightyears, NGC 6352 is as far away as M 55, but NGC 6352 has only about one third of it's starmass and appears much smaller with a diameter of 7 arc minutes. The absolute diameter is approximately 37 lightyears.

The seeing at imaging time was about 3.0'' (FWHM). A high-resolution image of the cluster's centre was taken with the Hubble telescope and can be found here
Click here or the thumbnail image for a comparison with the size of the Moon.

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