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NGC 6188 - a large H-II region in the constellation Ara

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The large emission nebula NGC 6188 i slocated in the consellation Ara. Here, the young and hot stars of the Ara-OB1 association formed only a few million years ago at a distance of about 4000 light years. The intense stellar winds and strong UV radiation of the stars created the fascinating form of the surrounding gases and stimulate them to glow. At the upper right edge of the image is another very hot star, which formed with its strong radiation the bipolar nebula NGC 6164/5.
The annotated image shows the nebula in comparison to the size of the Moon. At a distance of 4000 light years the image covers an area of 275 light years.

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A detailled view of the center of NGC 6188 you can see here.

A narrowband imgage of this widefield view of NGC 6188 you can see here (sorry, only in german language).
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