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NGC 3114, Trumpler 12 and Hogg 5 in the constellation Carina

Description of object:

NGC 3114 is an open star cluster in the constellation Keel of the ship (Carinae). It contains stars of magnitudes from 9 to 14 magnitudes, the brightest star has 7m3. It is classified by Trumpler as type II 3 r. Its apparent diameter is 30 arc minutes, it is located nearly 3,000 light years away from the solar system.

The Arabic numerals from 1 to 3 indicate how strongly the individual stars differ in their brightness (from low to strong). The letters p, m, or r indicate whether the star cluster has few (poor), average (medium), or many (rich) stars.

Additionally, three further criteria can be given: n (nebulosity) means that interstellar, luminous matter clouds are embedded in the cluster; e (elongated) means that the cluster appears to be pulled apart in one direction; and u (unsymmetrical) means that the stars in the cluster are scattered in different directions.

Trumpler 12

There is very little information available on this cluster. It is located east (left in the image) of NGC 3114, has an apparent magnitude of just under the 9th magnitude with an apparent diameter of 4 arc minutes. It mixes with another small open star cluster Hogg 5.
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