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Messier 8, the Lagoon nebulae, NGC 6544 and NGC 6530

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Our wide-angle image shows Messier 8 in the center, the Lagoon Nebula and the wider surroundings. The Lagoon Nebula is a large star formation region and contains several dark protostellar clouds, such as called globules, whose diameter is about 10,000 AU. In the optical brightest part of the nebula is a region which, because of its appearance is called the Hourglass Nebula.
At Center of the nebula is the young open star cluster NGC 6530, which consists of the material of the mist and now makes it glow.

Messier 8 was discovered in 1654 by Giovanni Battista Hodierna. The discovery of NGC 6530 will be presented to John Flamsteed in the Attributed to the year 1680.

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Higher resolution images of Messier 8 we show here (sorry, only in german language)

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