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Messier 16, IC 4703 and Trumpler 32

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The Eagle Nebula Messier 16 in the constellation Snake is one of the largest and most famous nebulae in the Milky Way. This active star forming region is located at a distance of about 7000 light years. The absolute extension of the nebular part shown is about 140 light years. In the sky M 16 extends over an area of 2 moon diameters, see the labeled version. The central part of the nebula contains besides the central star cluster of young, hot stars also dark gas and dust columns, the famous "Pillars of Creation". Northwest of the Eagle Nebula is the star cluster Trumpler 32, whose light is clearly reddened by the dust clouds in front of it.

«  In the labeled version the cluster can be compared with the size of the moon. To load the large version click here or on the preview picture.
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