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IC 2144 and IC 2948 - the running chicken nebulae in a widefield view

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Southeast of the blue, bright star Lambda Centauri lies the open star cluster and emission nebula IC 2944/2948, which is about 6500 light years away from Earth and covers almost 4 times the area of the full moon in the sky. The true extension is therefore about 75 light years. Furthermore this wide angle image shows the nebula areas IC 2872, RCW 61 and Ced 116.

In the English language area the nebula complex has the nickname "running chicken", whereby it is difficult to see a running chicken in the nebula form. In the inner part of the nebula are the well known Thackeray globules, which we have already recorded with longer focal length at Rooisand Observatory. IC 2944 was discovered in 1905 by the American astronomer Royal Harwood Frost, who was also the discoverer of the asteroid Cava.
A detailed image of the central region of IC 2944 and IC 2948 is shown here ...

The central region in high resolution of IC 2948 with information about the Thackeray globules is shown here ...

The region of IC 2944/2048 is also shown in a narrow-band image, taken with AstroDon filters with a half-width of 3 nm, which show the Thackeray globules in particularly high contrast ...

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