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Acrux in the constellation of the Southern Cross and its Surroundings

Description of object:

The image shows the eastern part of the constellation Southern Cross with the prominent stars Acrux (a Cru) and Becrux (ß Cru). The two stars are in a distance of 320 and 280 light years. The Milky Way clouds behind them contain several larger open star clusters, some of which are marked in the labeled image. The large dark cloud that fills the lower right half of the image is the well-known "Coal Sack", which stands out as a dark spot in the Milky Way even with the naked eye. The bright star cluster on the lower left is NGC 4755 and is also called Herschel's jewel box. With the naked eye you can also see it as a faint starlet next to Becrux in the sky.

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