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NGC 5139 – Globular Cluster Omega Centauri

Description of object:

Omega Centauri is the largest globular cluster of our galaxy. It contains far more than 1 million stars in a spatial volume of 150 light years diameter. In its center the density of stars is 40 times higher than close to the sun. The distance from the earth is approximately 17000 light years.

Recent studies show that Omega Centauri is probably the remnant of a former dwarf galaxy, whose outer stars were absorbed by the milky way. It is possible to clearly see this star cluster as a fuzzy spot in the sky. The brightest part of the cluster covers an area of the size of the moon.

It is fascinating to look at Omega Centauri through a telescope and see thousands of tiny stars on a black, velvety background. It is an experience not to be missed. Unfortunately we were only able to use 3 of originally 11 images. For unknown reasons the picture quality dropped rapidly starting with picture number 4.

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