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Gum 38b, NGC 3603, NGC 3576 and NGC 3590- Star forming region in Carina

Object description:

To the east of the Carina nebula, there are two other areas of star formation inside the southern milky way. The nebula around NGC 3576 on the right hand side of the image is about 7800 light years away from the Earth. The two arched structures in the northern part of the Nebula are a very remarkable feature. The intensive star winds of the massive young stars in the center of the nebula produce the bubble-like structures in the gas clouds.

The nebula Gum 38b (around the extremely luminous star cluster NGC 3603 on the left hand side) is about 23000 light years away. The color of the nebula is significantly shifted into a orange-reddish hue when it is compared to NGC 3576. This is caused by a more intensive interstellar absorption due to the longer light path.
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