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Object description
NGC 5045 - an apparently non-existent open star cluster in the constellation Centaurus, NGC 4815 and NGC 5281

Description of object:

NGC 5045 is specified as an open star cluster with an apparent diameter of nearly one degree. It is said to be rich in stars and to contain at least 30 stars of the 11th magnitude class. The region lies about 5 degrees southeast of Becrux, one of the stars of the Southern Cross constellation.
This cluster seems to be non-existent, although there are several pages on the Internet describing NGC 5045. Even the SIMBAD database in Strasbourg lists NGC 5045 as a large galactic open star cluster with a distance of about 4500 light years. Even the DSS image (" left) does not show a corresponding star cluster. Who has here copied from whom?

The discovery is attributed to John Herschel on June 16, 1835 with his 18 inch reflecting telescope.

The field contains a number of small open star clusters, with NGC 4815 (lower right in the image) and NGC 5281 (bright, upper left in the image).

NGC 4815, classified as Type I 3 m by Trumpler, has a distance of about 10,000 light-years and was discovered by John Herschel on March 13, 1834.

NGC 5281, classified as type I 1 p by Trumpler, has a distance of about 3500 light years and was discovered by Nicolas Lacaille in 1751.

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