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Object description
NGC 6242 and NGC 6268 - open star clusters north of IC 4628 in the constellation Scorpion

Object description:

NGC 6242 and NGC 6268 are two small open star clusters north of the H-II emission region IC 4628 in the constellation Scorpio.

NGC 6242 is classified as Type I 3 m according to Trumpler and is located about 3700 light-years from the solar system. The members of the cluster have apparent magnitudes between 8th and 11th magnitude. The cluster was discovered by Nicolas Lacaille in 1751.

NGC 6268 is smaller and has significantly fewer stars. It is assigned to class II 2 p according to Trumpler. It stands at a distance of about 3350 light-years from the solar system and was discovered June 5, 1826 by James Dunlop.

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