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Object description
NGC 6169, NGC 6192 and the ellipsoidal variable star V 1003 Sco

Object description:

NGC 6169 (Collinder 306) is a small open cluster with about 40 stars in the constellation Norma. The bright star in the center of the cluster is my Norma with a magnitude 5 brightness. My Norma is a blue giant star of spectral type B0 which shows a small brightness variation. It does not belong to any category of variable stars. If my Norma belongs to the star cluster is not known for sure. For the star a distance of 4200 +/- 1800, for the cluster 3300 lightyears is given. The age of the cluster is estimated to 33 million years. NGC 6169 was first observed by Friedrich Wilhelm Herschel in 1834, the discoverer is his son, John Herschel, on June 1, 1836.
NGC 6192 is a - very old - open star cluster in the constellation Scorpio. It contains about 60 stars with magnitudes between 11th and 14th magnitude. According to Trumpler it is classified as type I 2 p. The distance to the solar system is about 5000 lightyears. NGC 6192 was discovered by James Dunlop on May 13, 1826.

The star V 1003 Sco (HD 149 711) is a variable star with a magnitude of just under 6th magnitude. It belongs to the relatively rare examples of the so-called ellipsoidal variable stars. They are extremely close binary systems in which the light change is triggered by a deviation from the spherical shape of the stars. Due to the orbit around the common center of gravity of both components the stars deform to ellipsoids and thus during one orbit the visible area from Earth changes and the brightness of the whole system fluctuates with low amplitude.

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