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A wide-angle Milky Way mosaic of the constellations Sagittarius and Serpens

Object description:

The image orientation of our mosaic differs from our normal presentations (declination, north up, and right ascension, east left). In this picture, declination is the horizontal axis and right ascension is the vertical axis.

In the centre of the left edge of the image lies the Sagittarius Star Cloud with the open star cluster Messier 24 and the two very compact dark clouds Barnard 92 and 93.
In 1764, Charles Messier considered the Star Cloud Cloud to be a huge star cluster and therefore included it in his catalogue with the number 24. It has a distance of about 10 000 light years from the solar system.

With increasing declination, the H-II hydrogen emission nebulae IC 4701, Messier 17 and Messier 16 (IC 4703) follow (to the right in the image). Close to the right edge of the image is LBN 72, also catalogued as Sharpless 2-54 with the open star cluster NGC 6604.

The mosaic consists of 3 segments, the total exposure time was 5 hours. We show a detailed description of the objects in a higher resolution mosaic here.

We show the Sagittarius star cloud in a wide angle view here and the central part of the large molecular cloud with NGC 6595 and NGC 6589 in detail here.

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