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Object description
IC 1276 - Palomar 7 - a globular cluster in the constellation of Serpens

Object description:

IC 1276 (PAL 7) is a little known small globular cluster in the constellation Serpens. With an apparent diameter of 7 arcminutes it is assigned to concentration class XII (little concentrated) according to Shapley. Its distance to the solar system is given with about 18 000 lightyears. Dust and dark clouds in front of it not only dim the light of the stars but also redden it significantly, so that the stars appear yellowish.

Of the 147 known globular clusters in our Galaxy, 108 were already included in the NGC catalog and thus were discovered visually. Another eight were added later in the IC catalog.

IC 1276 was discovered in 1889 by Lewis Swift. In the early 1950s it was supposedly "rediscovered" by George Odgen Abell on photographic plates of the POSS sky survey and got the catalog designation PAL 7 (Palomar 7). Altogether 15 globular clusters got the catalog designations PAL 1 to PAL 15.

For the history of the globular clusters brand "Palomar" you can find a detailed description on the Website of Wolfgang Steinicke (only available in German language). There is also a table with detailed data about the Palomar globular clusters.

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