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The Pipe Nebula Barnard 78 in detail and the small globular cluster NGC 6355 in the constellation Ophiuchus

Object description:

Our image shows a 2 part mosaic of large dark clouds in the constellation Ophiuchus near the small globular cluster NGC 6355. The image orientation is north up and east left.

Southwest of NGC 6355 are dark clouds with catalog numbers Barnard 59, 65, 66, and 67. Southeast is LDN 1786. North of the star HD 158 704 are dark clouds Barnard 78, 264, and 265.

The dark nebula catalogs of Edward. E. Barnard and Beverly T. Lynds

Edward. E. Barnard was an exceptionally talented visual observer and astrophotographer, and one of the first to use long exposures for studies of dark nebulae. His catalog can be found at this URL.

Beverly T. Lynds published her dark nebula catalog - much later - in 1962 with the title "Catalogue of Dark Nebulae". The catalog with the designations of the dark nebulae LDN - Lynds Dark Nebulae (not to be confused with LBN - Lynds Bright Nebulae) was based on a survey of the plates of the Palomar Observatory Sky Atlas in the red and blue spectral range and covers the sky from declination +90° to -33°. For each Barnard number there is a corresponding LDN Number.
NGC 6355 is a globular cluster with the apparent size of only 4 arcminutes. Its distance to the solar system is estimated to 30 000 light-years. NGC 6355 was discovered by Friedrich Wilhelm Herschel on May 24, 1784 and later added to the NGC catalog by Johan Dreyer.

We show you a 2-part widefield mosaic of the Pipe Nebula here.

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