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Object description
NGC 6200, NGC 6204 and Hogg 21 + 22 - open star clusters in the constellation Ara

Object description:

NGC 6200 is an open star cluster in the constellation (Ara) Altar and is classified as type III 2 m by Trumpler. With an apparent diameter of just under 15 arcminutes, it lies at a distance of about 6700 light-years in the middle of the Ara OB2 stellar association. It was discovered by John Herschel on July 1, 1834.

NGC 6204 und Hogg 22 - an Odd Couple

NGC 6204 NGC 6204 is a small compact open star cluster with an apparent diameter of only 5 arcminutes. It is classified as type I 2 p according to Trumpler. NGC 6204 contains about 36 stars and is located about 3500 light years from the solar system. The cluster was discovered by James Dunlop on May 13, 1826.

Directly southeast lies the clearly younger star cluster Hogg 22. With a distance of about 9000 light-years it is nearly 3 times farther away from the solar system than NGC 6204. 22 stars are assigned to Hogg 22. The age of the stars is estimated to be only a few million years.

More information about NGC 6204 and Hogg 22 can be found here.

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