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Object description
NGC 4852 - open star cluster in the constellation of Centaurus

Object description:

NGC 4852 is an open star cluster and contains about 60 stars. According to Trumpler it is classified as type II 2 p. It stands at a distance of about 3600 light-years from the solar system and was discovered by James Dunlop on April 30, 1822.

« The cluster appears to be embedded in an extremely faint H-II region. To better show this, we have color-enhanced the image. The blue brightening on the right image is stray light from Acrus, the brightest star of the Southern Cross. The bright star at the upper right of the image is lambda Crux.  Click here or on the thumbnail to load a large image version.
We also have a mosaic image of this region, consisting of 2 segments of NGC 4755 and NGC 4852. Download large images   1800 x 1200 Pixel    2800 x 1800 Pixel

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