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The open star clusters Trumpler 14, 15 and Collinder 232

Short objekt description:

Our image shows the open star clusters Trumpler 14, 15 and Collinder 232. The raw sum images were only exposed briefly for this image to prevent overexposure of the bright stars of the star clusters. In addition, this also avoided overexposure of the bright nebulae in which the star clusters are embedded.

Trumpler 14 contains some of the most luminous stars in our Milky Way. The stars have an age of only about 10 million and the distance to the solar system is about 9,000 light years.

The most prominent member of the cluster is HD 93129A, a blue supergiant with 80 times the mass and about 2.5 million times the luminosity of our Sun, making it one of the brightest stars in the Milky Way. The system is a spectroscopic binary and consists of two components of spectral class O, the surface temperature of the brighter component is about 51,000 Kelvin.

Trumpler 15 15 appears slightly less concentrated than Trumpler 14, the stars appear to be a little older based on their spectral classes than the stars in Trumpler 14 and 16. The distance to the solar system is about 8,600 light years.
Collinder 232, another bright star cluster of the Carina OB1 star association in the Sagittarius arm of the Milky Way. The brightest member in the cluster is HD 93250, an extremely hot blue binary and the brightest X-ray source in the Carina Nebula.

Based on the ages of the stars and their distance from the solar system, the stars in the open clusters at the centre of the Carina Nebula - Trumpler 14, 15, 15 and Collinder 228/232 - appear to have formed in a single star-forming wave.

A complete mosaic of Trumpler 14, 15, 16 und Collinder 232 is shown here. A wide-angle mosaic of the complete Carina Nebula here. Collinder 228 in detail we show here.

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