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Simeis 3-188 - Pickerings Triangle - NGC 6974 and NGC 6979, part of the Cirrus Nebula in the constellation Swan

Object description:

Our image shows in detail Pickerings Triangle, sometimes called Pickerings Wisp. Pickerings Triangle is a sub-region of the Cirrus Nebula and forms the northern part of the supernova remnant in the constellation of Swan.

In the various literature available, one often finds the designation NGC 6979 for Pickering's Triangle, but this is incorrect, because NGC 6979 lies to the east of it. The correct designation is Simeis 3-188. The nebular region was named after the American astronomer Edward Charles Pickering.

Further, our image shows NGC 6974 and NGC 6979, which are brighter nodes in a fainter nebular region on the northern edge between NGC 6992 and Pickering's Triangle.

A mosaic with a detailed description of the Cirrus Nebula by us is shown here

An overview of the entire nebula region with all NGC catalogue numbers can be found here.

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