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NGC 6910, Collinder 419 und Dolidze 10 - open star clusters near Gamma Cygni

Short objekt description:

NGC 6910 is an open star cluster in the constellation Cygnus. It is located half a degree east-northeast of Gamma Cygni and has the proper name Sadr. All three clusters in this image are embedded in the bright H-II emission IC 1318 (Gamma Cygni Nebula Complex). Sub-segments of IC 1318 are also catalogued as LBN 234, 241, 245 and 249.

NGC 6910 is the core region of the Cygnus OB 9 stellar association. It is classified as Type I 2 p n by Trumpler and contains about 50 stars. The age of the stars is estimated at about 10 million stars, and its distance from the solar system is given as 3,700 light-years. It was discovered by Friedrich Wilhelm Herschel on 17 October 1786.

Collinder 419

Collinder 419 is a small and concentrated open star cluster. Its central star is HD 193 322 with spectral type O9IV. It is a multiple star system, probably consisting of 3 individual components and a total mass of about 80 solar masses. Collinder 419 has been studied relatively extensively and its distance is given as about 3,300 light years in a 2019 publication.

Dolidze 10

There is almost no information about this star cluster. Among many catalogues of DeepSky objects there is also one called Dolidze Dzimselejsvili (DoDz). The catalogue contains eleven inconspicuous star clusters in the northern sky. All of these clusters have in common that they consist of a few stars with medium to low brightness. There is no information about the two authors - Dolidze and Dzimselejsvili - despite a long search on the internet. Dolidze has an apparent diameter of just under 20 arc minutes and contains about 12 stars.

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