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NGC 6383 (NGC 6374) and Trumpler 28 - open clusters in the constellation Scorpio

Short objekt description:

Embedded in a large H-II nebula region with the catalogue number LBN 1116 are the two open star clusters NGC 6383 and Trumpler 28. Other components of LBN 1116 are Sh2-13 and the small dark nebulae LDN 1717 and LDN 1718.

NGC 6383 contains about 60 brighter stars and shows a prominent S-shaped chain of stars. The brightest star of this chain is the (elliptical) variable V 1036 Sco with a magnitude 5.8 brightness and spectral class O5. In this region there seem to be still extended blue, albeit faint, reflection nebulae, which superimpose the H-II emission and show up in the violet colouring of the nebulae.

NGC 6383 lies centrally on the Galactic equator. According to Trumpler it is classified as type IV 3 p n. Its distance to the solar system is just under 3,000 light years. The star cluster was discovered on August 3, 1834 by John Herschel, whom he observed several times. Due to his 3rd observation night, he gave different coordinates to his first observations, which led to a second entry under NGC 6347 in the New General Catalogue.

Trumpler 28

Trumpler 28 is much more inconspicuous and, at a distance of just under 5,000 light years, further away from the solar system than NGC 6383. The age of the stars is estimated at around 200 million years.

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