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Object description
NGC 6356 - A Globular Cluster in the constellaion Ophiuchus

Short objekt description:

Northeast of Messier 9 is the globular cluster NGC 6356. It is slightly smaller in diameter but of nearly the same apparent magnitude. The core area is extremely concentrated, it is assigned to class II according to Shapley. Therefore our image shows - as with M 9 - a HDR composite of 2 series of shorter (core) and longer exposure times (outer area).

The distance of NGC 6356 to the solar system is a " impressive " 50,000 light years, making it one of the most distant globular clusters accessible to the amateur photographer with a moderate telescope aperture. Its true diameter is given as about 50 light-years. NGC 6357 was discovered by Friedrich Wilhem Herschel on 17 June 1784.

Close by - southwest of NGC 6356 - is another brighter globular cluster, Messier 9, of which we show an image here. With a focal length of 850 mm and the APSC sensor of the camera, the fields of view the fields of view overlap, so that we can show both globular clusters below as a mosaic of 2. Here the distribution of the dark clouds is particularly clear.
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