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Object description
The open star cluster NGC 6067 in the constellation of Norma

Short objekt description:

NGC 6067 is also - visually seen - a beautiful, concentrated open star cluster and a highlight in the constellation Norma. It contains about 100 stars of the 10th magnitude class and fainter. According to Shapley, it is classified as a Class I 2 r type.

According to spectral studies, the cluster has an age of about 90 million years. Within the cluster is the massive planetary nebula PK 329.5-02.2, but due to its small diameter it is not visible at our image scale. The distance to the solar system is estimated to be about 4,600 light-years.

NGC 6067 was discovered by James Dunlop, a Scottish astronomer observing from Australia, on 8 May 1826.

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